Is your Business looking for 3D Printers for reselling? We can help!

At Tevo, we aspire to connect to thousands of customer’s everyday delivering superior Tevo products to them across the world irrespective of their region or country. We want to serve the speedily growing 3D printing market with strong focus on new and innovative materials.


To ensure our mutual success, we are calling for a team of dedicated people in the industry as well as 3D printing enthusiasts who will help to expand our brand by forming alliances and partnerships with us.


We are interested in working with:

  • Value added Resellers and Distributors
  • Leading 3D printer Suppliers
  • 3D printing expert and industry organizations
  • Brand owners and B2B
  • Makerspaces, FabLabs
  • 3D printing service providers


If you fit into any of the categories above, please fill our application form below.