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In late 2015, Tevo created something magical. This creature was released into the wild and allowed to roam the world. The creature began to multiple and you could see the fear in the eyes of others. In the beginning there were a few fearless soles that learned how to tame the creature. They created a group that thought others the art of controlling the creature. The creature rapidly became to spread, and the group became a community. This community turned the creature into a beast called “Tarantula”! The Tarantula has become a cult with a life of its own.

After 3 years, the “Mad Engineers” at Tevo have been working hard at designing something that could live up to the standards of the community. This was a hard task because of the cult following of the “Tarantula”. The pressure was on and there were sleepless nights and rigorous testing of the new “Tarantula Pro”!


This desktop 3D printer’s all-aluminum frame provides a sturdy structure with smooth and precise 3D printing powered by Tornado’s V-slot linear guide system. With its large build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 400mm it is one of the most popular 3d printer on whole market. It has a maximum print speed of 150mm per second, a voltage power of 110V or 220V, a 250W at 50Hz with 0.89A and an LCD screen with its print support materials as ABS, Carbon, Fiber, Flexible Filaments, PETG, PLA, PVA, and Wood.


The Tevo Tornado 3d printer has a material diameter of 175mm and a nozzle diameter of 0.4mm. Its file formats are G-code and STL with its host computer software as Cura, Repetier Host, or Simplify3D. It also supports the Windows, Linux and Mac operating system.


The awesome and smart printer takes the Bowden Style Titan Extruder with improved hot end design featuring fat heating AC heat bed. It has a compact and small size all in one power box with LCD control panel which makes it fun to operate.

This printer features a heating plate of 60 to 110°C and operates at an ambient temperature of 25°C with a recommended extruder temperature of 210°C and a maximum of 260°C. It also features a layer resolution of 50 microns with thickness between 0.05 to 0.4mm.

The Tevo Tornado has a CE, FC and ROHS certification with a weight of 14Kg. The printer accepts conection via TF card or USB and prints at 50 microns high accuracy printing quality with high transverse speed. At it’s price, this is a great buy and you’ll be doing yourself a great favour buying this printer now especially if you belong to any of the afore mentioned set of people.

Get your Tornado now by ordering right away!Below are the Main Features of the Tornado…

TEVO Tarantula Pro Technical Features:

Printer Type:

Print Size:
Layer Resolution:
Print Bed:

Nozzle Diameter (stock):
Nozzle Type (stock):
Extruder Type:
Nr. of Extruders:

Filament Diameter:
Printing Material:

Printing Speed:
Max. Printing Speed:

Delivered as:


235*235*250 mm
AC heated

0.4 mm
Titan – Bowden

1.75 mm

mm / sek
mm / sek


Bed Leveling:



Printer Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Operating Voltage:

Machine Size:
Shipping Box Size:
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:



Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D,Prusa-slicer,
KiSSlicer & more!

200 W

240 / 110 V

434*333*504 mm
470*420*150 mm
8 kg
8.5 kg

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