TEVO Michelangelo


If you are looking for a smart 3D printer, hassle free and fully assembled without you doing it yourself, then your best choice would be to buy this awesome printer, another great work from Tevo – The Tevo Michangelo.

This is a fully assembled small high performance desktop 3D printer with a well-designed extruder that will definietly bring you smooth extrusion experience.


With an LCD screen design, easy to monitor your printing process, it can bring more fun to your printing. All you need to do is screw four rubber feet under the printer, attach the dial knob for the LCD screen and the printer is ready!


This 3D printer is an all-in-one piece. There’s no loose power supply. Everything goes inside the aluminium box at the base of the printer. The printing volume is 150 by 150 by 150 millimeters, so it doesn’t occupy much space. It has a mximum printing speed of 100mm per second and a recommended speed of 60mm per second. Its layer reolution is 0.1mm and the printer features a Bowen extruder with an MK8 nozzle type.


The TEVO Michelangelo 3D printer has a full aluminium frame for more resistance and durability. It accepts a filament material of 17mm PLA or TPU, software support for Windows, Linux and OS X with an MKS Gen V1.0 Motherboard.

This printer comes with a dual cooling fan system and you can print offline with a full size SD card or via USB connected to your computer. It is very sturdy and all the materials are made of high quality and it’s an incredibly good printer given its price and also suitable for beginners.

So if you are looking for an easy going 3D printer with high quality and functionality, this is your chance now… take it and get one now while the worldwide warehouse stock lasts!Below are the Main Features of the Michelangelo…

TEVO Michelangelo Technical Features:

Printer Type:

Print Size:
Layer Resolution:
Print Bed:

Nozzle Diameter (stock):
Nozzle Type (stock):
Extruder Type:
Nr. of Extruders:

Filament Diameter:
Printing Material:

Printing Speed:
Max. Printing Speed:

Delivered as:


000*000*000 mm

0.4 mm
Titan – Bowden

1.75 mm

mm / sek
mm / sek

Ready Build

Bed Leveling:



Printer Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Operating Voltage:

Machine Size:
Shipping Box Size:
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:


MKS Base

Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D,
KiSSlicer & more!

000 W

240 / 110 V

000*000*000 mm
000*000*000 mm
00 kg
00 kg

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