TEVO Little Monster


If you are looking for a fast 3d printer with large build volume, expert functionality and a great value for your money, your choice should be the Tevo Little Monster.

Contrary to the “Little“ in it’s name, the Tevo Little Monster which is Tevo’s first Delta 3D printer kit actually has one of the biggest build volumes available on the market. It comes as a partially preassembled kit (with about 80% of it already assembled) offering some interesting features that you won’t find in most printers. You should be able to have the printer up and running within one to two hours of assembling.


The Tevo Little Monster comes with lightweight components which makes it easier for the hotend to travel resulting faster printing speed of up to 300 mm per second with greater accuracy. It is made up great compnents which are CNC milled aluminum mechanical parts made with lasercutting. It’s extruder system comes pre-assembled with everything clearly labeled.


It is a Titan flying extruder system with V6 using a Volcano nozzle and the printer auto calibrates before each new job to make sure the print bed is leveled perfectly. The printer boasts of a glass ceramic 3D printing bed that can heat up in 2 minutes to 140°F or 60°C. It uses the alternating current with a voltage of 220V and heats faster than most printers.


This great monster from Tevo has openbuilds aluminum extrusion 4080 with a modular structure and prints Multi Filaments PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, HIPS, WOOD, PVA, and Nylon. It also features a MKS TFT28 Touch screen with Smoothieware powered motherboard and has an auto bed leveling sensor made by Antclabs Bltouch. Models can be loaded via an SD card. Alternatively, you can hook up the machine to a computer and print directly from there and when it comes to 3D slicing, the printer offers a dedicated version of Cura for it.

With this awesome features and many more, you’re sure to get the best from this great monster of a printer if you get it now! Go ahead, order right away and you’ll be forever thankful you did.Below are the Main Features of the Little Monster…

TEVO Little Monster Technical Features:

Printer Type:

Print Size:
Layer Resolution:
Print Bed:

Nozzle Diameter (stock):
Nozzle Type (stock):
Extruder Type:
Nr. of Extruders:

Filament Diameter:
Printing Material:

Printing Speed:
Max. Printing Speed:

Delivered as:


000*000*000 mm
AC heated

0.4 mm
Titan – Flying Extruder

1.75 mm

mm / sek
mm / sek

Pre-Assembled (XX%)

Bed Leveling:



Printer Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Operating Voltage:

Machine Size:
Shipping Box Size:
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:

Antlabs BLTouch


Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D,
KiSSlicer & more!

000 W

240 / 110 V

000*000*000 mm
000*000*000 mm
00 kg
00 kg

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