If you’ve been searching for a large volume desktop 3D printer with high perfomance, the Tevo flash 3D printer is a good deal to put in your money. Although it requires some DIY assembly of about 50 percent with multiple versions of it, this printer will surely give you a good value of your money. There’s also a semi-assembled version with about 98 percent of it assembled.

This large volume printer which is designed to be better, faster (just like its name) and stronger than its counterparts features a print volume of 235 x 235 x 250mm with a machine size of 420 x 440 x 495mm.


It is designed with a full metal frame and comes with a Titan extruder in a Bowden arrangement mounted to the X-axis rail which is driven by a lead screw fixed at both ends. This means greater stability as the Z- axis increases.


The printer also features a glass ceramic print surface and proximity sensors which offers a better homing accuracy with a maximum print speed o 150mm per second and maximum travel speed of 250mm per second.


Unlike Tarantula, Black Widow and Tornado 3D printers, the Flash features dual print cooling fans. The Tevo Flash like many other models of Tevo 3D printers features a fast heating AC heated bed.

It is also fitted with volcano hot end which allows for thicker extrusions and faster flow rates. When paired to a large nozzle, this feature can help ampilify your output to give you a better performance. However, the Tevo flash comes with a 0.4mm volcano nozzle and accepts connectivity through a USB or SD card.

So if you want to experience a smoother functionality and high performance in a desktop 3D printer, Get this printer by ordering right away and you’ll be grateful you did even years after! Below are the Main Features of our TEVO Flash…

TEVO Flash Technical Features:

Printer Type:

Print Size:
Layer Resolution:
Print Bed:

Nozzle Diameter (stock):
Nozzle Type (stock):
Extruder Type:
Nr. of Extruders:

Filament Diameter:
Printing Material:

Printing Speed:
Max. Printing Speed:

Delivered as:


000*000*000 mm
AC heated

0.4 mm
Titan – Bowden

1.75 mm

mm / sek
mm / sek

Kit or Pre-Assembled
(XX% & XX)

Bed Leveling:



Printer Voltage:
Power Consumption:
Operating Voltage:

Machine Size:
Shipping Box Size:
Net Weight:
Gross Weight:

Antlabs BLTouch*


Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D,
KiSSlicer & more!

000 W

240 / 110 V

000*000*000 mm
000*000*000 mm
00 kg
00 kg

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